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Contractor Quotes aggregates information and best practices to help inform homeowners as they research their home improvement project and search for contractors.  Homeowners no longer have to scour the internet to get inspiration for their projects or to figure out how to increase their home’s resale value the most.


CareNexis helps consumers make more informed personal care decisions with confidence. CareNexis is building disruptive, technology-based solutions designed to better engage, to better inform, and to more precisely answer health-related questions when answers are most needed.

CureMint® is the leading dental procurement software helping dental organizations scale across North America. Founded in 2017, CureMint’s purpose is to bring relief to the dental industry’s extremely fragmented and painful procurement process. By providing an intuitive ordering experience, increased spend visibility, and holistic office management, CureMint empowers dental organizations to realize streamlined operations and untapped profitability. CureMint is headquartered in Durham, NC with offices in the American Underground.

EasyVote Solutions LLC

EasyVote Solutions is a leading provider of election management software to city, county and state election offices across the United States. EasyVote’s SaaS Solutions provides election officials with state-of-the-art software to reduce the time it takes to perform election tasks, improve communication and accuracy between officials, election workers, and voters as well as provide data so election officials can make intelligent, informed decisions. Currently, jurisdictions in over 18 states run EasyVote’s platform to deliver a more efficient, transparent and secure election experience.

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Ecobot builds revolutionary software that improves how we interact with the environment. Ecobot is the future of environmental monitoring, reporting and data forecasting, providing efficiency across all sectors of the environmental services industry. The first version of Ecobot provides a swifter way to input wetland field data, provides contextual vegetation and soil data lookups, and automatically generates USACE wetland delineation reports

RelayOne is the easiest way for hospitals to coordinate surgeries with their vendors. Our secure platform improves operations in the OR by automatically communicating changes in the case schedule to surgical teams, including approved medical device vendors.

WAAM is a tool for top trainers, athletes, and celebrities to engage and monetize their fans. Fans can now workout with these pros on their phone anytime, anywhere.

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Automation Intellect is an asset performance management platform leveraging best-in-class IIOT, cloud and analytic capabilities. The pre-built solution provides instant, enterprise wide visibility into machine performance that drives immediate improvements in output, downtime and quality.

Element451 empowers admissions and enrollment teams to work more efficiently as they develop stronger, more personalized engagements with prospective students. Our cloud-based admissions marketing and enrollment CRM is powerful, yet easy to use. At its core are two of the most important ingredients for working smarter: automation and analytics.

Slope provides an actuarial modeling platform that optimizes and streamlines operations for insurance companies and consultants working in the actuarial space by enabling their actuaries to do better analysis in less time. Slope is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an office in Charlotte, NC.