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Contractor Quotes aggregates information and best practices to help inform homeowners as they research their home improvement project and search for contractors.  Homeowners no longer have to scour the internet to get inspiration for their projects or to figure out how to increase their home’s resale value the most.



CareNexis helps consumers make more informed personal care decisions with confidence. CareNexis is building disruptive, technology-based solutions designed to better engage, to better inform, and to more precisely answer health-related questions when answers are most needed.


EasyVote Solutions LLC

EasyVote Solutions is a leading provider of election management software to election offices across the United States. EasyVote Solutions provides election officials with state-of-the-art software to reduce the time it takes to perform election tasks, improve communication and accuracy between officials, election workers, and voters as well as provide data so election officials can make intelligent, informed decisions.


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Ecobot provides revolutionary software that changes how we interact with the environment. Hundreds of thousands of scientists are outside every day collecting scientific data for regulatory reports using a fifty-year-old pen and paper process that hasn’t changed since the industry began. Ecobot is digitizing this process and building the first historical and predictive database of this environmental data ever assembled.