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Testive is a powerful new concept in SAT and ACT college entrance exam preparation.  Testive is a unique blend of software and just-in-time online human coaching.  Based on learning best practices developed at MIT and programmatic algorithms, Testive is the proven fastest and most effective way to add literally hundreds of points to those critically important entry exams.



Canopy provides a single portal for managing all of your home services such as landscaping, pest control, and power washing.   You no longer need to vet multiple service providers, negotiate price, etc. because with Canopy, you get instant pricing, scheduling, and volume discounts all at your fingertips from one company you know and trust.



EmployUs is the Uber of the recruiting industry empowering employers to lessen their dependence on staffing agencies by offering referral bonuses to anyone who connects them to a great hire.  You can make thousands of dollars just by referring a friend for a great new job.



Factivate is a business intelligence tool for sales and marketing organizations providing data aggregation, visualizations and alerts.  In sharp contrast to the complex and expensive B.I. tools on the market today, if you know how to use Excel, you know 95% of what you need to know to use Factivate and pull your cloud-based data into a simple familiar interface for analysis and manipulation.


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Rewardstock is a travel startup that shows you the best way to travel using frequent-flyer miles, hotel rewards, and credit card points instead of cash.  The free web application generates unique redemption plans for its users by automatically analyzing and comparing thousands of possible ways to use their rewards.


FilterEasy is an on-demand subscription filter company that solves the age-old problem of changing home air filters. FilterEasy delivers filters right to your door, saving you time and ensuring that you’re changing your filters right when you need to be.




Savii Care simplifies the business of private duty home care with web and position-aware mobile applications that enables customers to focus less on paperwork on more on delivering quality care.   From referrals to billing and payroll, Savii Care streamlines workflow and back office management for this fast growing industry.

Savii Care was acquired in August 2018



Based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, FokusLabs dedicated to helping children and adults overcome obstacles faced in the classroom and workplace by fusing psychology with technology. School psychologist Rich Brancaccio founded FokusLabs in 2013 to create specialized tools to help kids overcome their difficulties by leveling the playing field through technology. Their first product, the RE-vibe wristband, is a patent-pending wearable that helps kids adults combat distraction through gentle vibration reminders.


ParkMyCloud is a cost-effective, lightweight SaaS app that reduces Amazon Web Services AWS virtual server EC2 costs by 20% or more, in just 15 minutes.  ParkMyCloud enables AWS customers to schedule automatic on/off times (also known as “parking”) for their idle cloud computing services, so they pay only for the AWS resources they’re actually using.



Tesser Health helps self-insured employers drastically reduce their pharmaceutical spend by engaging employees and helping them make more informed decisions about their medications. Members receive personalized recommendations to reduce prescription drug costs while maintaining quality, and the Tesser tool allows them to transfer their prescription or consult their prescribing physician immediately.



Urban Offsets is a Durham-based company that has developed software for calculating, managing  and validating voluntary carbon credits.  It is also an exchange for such credits.    Partnering with and using a carbon credit standard developed by Duke University, Urban Offsets helps companies, universities and cities achieve and maintain carbon neutrality while investing back in their local communities.



Myxx empowers grocery chains to better engage with their consumers via a private labeled recipe app linked to consumables and fresh produce immediately available in their local stores.  Consumers simply select their recipes using the powerful free app and know that the shopping list produced can all be purchased conveniently at a single store.  Myxx helps retailers strategically influence product selection, capture 100% of the cart spend, increase margins, better manage inventory, drive customer loyalty and facilitate conversations and social media around meal selection and healthy eating.


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ServusConnect is a mobile and web solution for multifamily/apartment operators that takes the pain out of maintenance operations.  Their comprehensive work flow solution includes managing resident requests, vendors and staff while fully integrating with major industry back office systems.

MapMyCustomers is a CRM companion built by field sales professionals to meet the specific challenges facing outside sales executives.  Customers are empowered to work smarter, faster and with greater efficiency to drive more sales.  Every sales team can now visualize their data geographically for the first time and strategically target customers while planning optimal driving routes.



ImpathIQ is a health informatics engine that reduces healthcare costs and improves patient outcomes and safety for hospital ERs by providing continuously updated and validated clinical decision support within the electronic health record utilizing plug and play apps and pathways.   The company is fully EMR interoperability utilizing HL7 and FHIR standards and provide cloud-based and actionable clinical insights for physicians and hospital administrators.

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Feedtrail is a web-based platform that helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and increase retention by collecting real-time feedback from customers during their experience rather than after the fact. Businesses are able to make real-time improvements in service provided and address customer concerns immediately as they arise. Feedtrail’s customers are currently in the healthcare, property management, and hospitality industries





Looma is an ad-network that curates and deploys content that reveals the stories behind brands. Engineered for the grocery space, their network of in-store digital displays are designed to scale the power of storytelling while retaining proximity to the moment of purchase. Their customers are able to experience incredible lift on sales and improved brand awareness by utilizing the Looma network.

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