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Only a few know how to create it


We encourage our entrepreneurs to never part with equity unless they are getting much more than money in return. Building companies is what we do, and we’ve been successful serial entrepreneurs for ten times longer than we’ve been investors. But…talk is cheap. The best indicator of future performance is past performance so check out our track record and what our entrepreneurs have to say about us.

what our entrepreneurs say about us...

Who we are

Our investors are over one hundred successful Triangle entrepreneurs, CEO's and business leaders representing over a thousand years of combined experience and contacts. Early-stage venture success is about who you get on your team and aligned with your success. We are not big company finance nerds. We are scrappy, hands-on, create-the-value, show-me-the-money startup veterans at the top of our game.

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How we work

We invest in B2B software companies in NC and the Southeast US providing solutions with measurable ROI. We partner with a team when we are confident that we have the expertise, contacts, etc. to significantly help them build their venture. No startup is too early-stage for us. Before we invest we spend a lot of time working with founders. This enables us to observe how they execute on a plan and lets them assess the value we bring.

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