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Automation Intellect is a cloud based SaaS company that provides a machine performance analytics platform to manufacturing companies. The platform collects and monitors machine data, providing companies with valuable insights that enable improved machine performance. Automation Intellect’s out of the box solution enables immediate ROI for manufacturing companies and provides the quickest time to value in the market.

Certificial is a dynamic insurance verification platform, designed to simplify the supplier management process by providing businesses with their suppliers’ up-to-date coverage information. Our mission is to transform the insurance industry by eliminating pain points for insureds, reducing agency costs, and addressing compliance needs in real-time.

CareNexis helps consumers make more informed personal care decisions with confidence. CareNexis is building disruptive, technology-based solutions designed to better engage, to better inform, and to more precisely answer health-related questions when answers are most needed.

Canopy is creating a scalable platform for residential landscape maintenance services. Using a vertically-integrated solution to solve for customer and employee experience using technology, Canopy has created an efficient customer and employee acquisition model with a distributed workforce, repeatable unit economics, and monthly recurring revenue. With Lowe’s as a major investor, Canopy is growing geographically using the Lowe’s store network for operations.

CureMint® is the leading dental procurement software helping dental organizations scale across North America. Founded in 2017, CureMint’s purpose is to bring relief to the dental industry’s extremely fragmented and painful procurement process. By providing an intuitive ordering experience, increased spend visibility, and holistic office management, CureMint empowers dental organizations to realize streamlined operations and untapped profitability. CureMint is headquartered in Durham, NC with offices in the American Underground.

EasyVote Solutions LLC

EasyVote Solutions is a leading provider of election management software to city, county and state election offices across the United States. EasyVote Solutions provides election officials with state-of-the-art software to reduce the time it takes to perform election tasks, improve communication and accuracy between officials, election workers, and voters as well as provide data so election officials can make intelligent, informed decisions.

Ecobot logo

Ecobot builds revolutionary software that improves how we interact with the environment. Ecobot is the future of environmental monitoring, reporting and data forecasting, providing efficiency across all sectors of the environmental services industry. The first version of Ecobot provides a swifter way to input wetland field data, provides contextual vegetation and soil data lookups, and automatically generates USACE wetland delineation reports

Element451 is an advanced modular CRM platform for higher education.   It empowers universities to manage their student recruitment marketing and engagement, admission criteria, wait lists, etc.  

Factivate is a business intelligence tool for sales and marketing organizations providing data aggregation, visualizations and alerts.  In sharp contrast to the complex and expensive B.I. tools on the market today, if you know how to use Excel, you know 95% of what you need to know to use Factivate and pull your cloud-based data into a simple familiar interface for analysis and manipulation.


Feedtrail is a healthcare IT company that built a real-time insights platform to empower both patients and caregivers throughout the entirety of the healthcare experience. Feedtrail’s web-based app allows patients to share pre-discharge feedback on their care experience and its robust analytics dashboard empowers organizations to perform immediate service recovery, influence patient retention, and implement organizational change.

Second Nature, formerly FilterEasy, empowers its members to achieve long-lasting, sustainable home wellness with convenient subscription plans, including high-quality home air filters. We exist to simplify home wellness, to make it so easy and convenient that it becomes second nature. .

Updated Impathiq Logo

ImpathIQ is a health informatics engine that reduces healthcare costs and improves patient outcomes and safety for hospital ERs by providing continuously updated and validated clinical decision support within the electronic health record utilizing plug and play apps and pathways.   The company is fully EMR interoperability utilizing HL7 and FHIR standards and provide cloud-based and actionable clinical insights for physicians and hospital administrators.


Looma believes that the most powerful way to drive a purchase is to tell a story. We’re building a nationwide network of At-Shelf Maker Stories, comprised of tablets in grocery stores that play short videos about the humans behind our products. The goal of our films is simple: we want to capture and share stories of people who love what they do, driving emotional affinity for both vendor and venue. Ultimately, our vision for the maker story platform is to replicate the communal feel of a farmers’ market through a scalable channel that merges the online and offline experience.

MapMyCustomers is a CRM companion built by field sales professionals to meet the specific challenges facing outside sales executives.  Customers are empowered to work smarter, faster and with greater efficiency to drive more sales.  Every sales team can now visualize their data geographically for the first time and strategically target customers while planning optimal driving routes.


Myxx empowers grocery chains to better engage with their consumers via a private labeled recipe app linked to consumables and fresh produce immediately available in their local stores.  Consumers simply select their recipes using the powerful free app and know that the shopping list produced can all be purchased conveniently at a single store.  Myxx helps retailers strategically influence product selection, capture 100% of the cart spend, increase margins, better manage inventory, drive customer loyalty and facilitate conversations and social media around meal selection and healthy eating.

A secure system for both healthcare providers and approved vendors to view the surgical schedule in real time and get automatic updates about case status.

Revibe Technologies provides unique wearable devices and supporting data analytics to improve productivity and behavioral outcomes for those who struggle with focus and attention. The all-new Revibe Connect platform leverages tactile vibration feedback combined with machine learning and cloud-based analytics to provide proactive, intelligent solutions with supportive data for all stakeholders.

ServusConnect is a mobile and web solution for multifamily/apartment operators that takes the pain out of maintenance operations.  Their comprehensive work flow solution includes managing resident requests, vendors and staff while fully integrating with major industry back office systems.

Slope provides an actuarial modeling platform that optimizes and streamlines operations for insurance companies and consultants working in the actuarial space by enabling their actuaries to do better analysis in less time.  Slope is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an office in Charlotte, NC.


Urban Offsets is a Durham-based company that has developed software for calculating, managing and validating voluntary carbon credits.  It is also an exchange for such credits.    Partnering with and using a carbon credit standard developed by Duke University, Urban Offsets helps companies, universities and cities achieve and maintain carbon neutrality while investing back in their local communities.

Pattern Health accelerates digital health innovation. We deliver solutions that allow our partners to create and license innovative digital health programs that solve some of the most challenging health issues. Pattern Health enables partners to create and deploy condition specific digital health programs quickly and economically, collect data more rapidly, generate evidence, and when appropriate translate those programs into real world, highly scalable solutions that can be used to improve the health and lives of more people.

ViewStub partners with venues, event production companies, and marketing agencies to create successful in-person events and global streaming experiences. ViewStub provides professional event agencies an easy, flexible, interateable, and complete solution to maximize revenue and global reach through in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Event organizers can create their first event in minutes through our self-service platform with $0 upfront cost or upgrade to a professional package to unlock additional features.