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Guest Opinion: Moderation or destruction? That’s a huge choice facing social media

Startup Spotlight: A founder’s control freak mentality can doom a startup – here’s why

Startup Spotlight: Five tips on how to find the right adviser for your venture

David Gardner: Virtual meetings market continues to grow – with pros and cons

David Gardner: What’s an investor looking for in a startup CEO?

David Gardner: Are corporate accelerator programs a good choice for new ventures?

David Gardner: Are big tech companies becoming too powerful?

David Gardner: Pandemic fallout: COVID means these 4 permanent changes for startups

David Gardner: Entrepreneurs, investors paying a price in using virtual tech

David Gardner: Social Media, censorship, freedom of speech and the truth

David Gardner: Navigating, right sizing through pandemic: Here’s how to manage your firm

David Gardner: Why startups must master the art of forecasting

David Gardner: The effects of the coronavirus on NC entrepreneurs and investors

David Gardner: The art of urgency, the one attribute every successful startup founder demonstrates

Startup advice on term sheets- Why founder’s equity requires vesting

David Gardner: What’s better than making money on a startup? Paying no taxes on income

How Your Startup Can Attract Top Talent Without Huge Funding

VC funds grow massive but that’s not good news for startups

David Gardner: Five questions to ask yourself before you become an entrepreneur

David Gardner: The importance of investor updates

Innovation, Immigration, and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs Need to Tell a Consistent Story

Having Trouble Raising Money Entrepreneurs? VCs Feel Your Pain

Triangle corporates should be involved with local entrepreneurs, innovation – or else

More Bad Advice Startup Founders Should Avoid

Avoid this bad advice for startup founders

The Art of Reference Checking

Financing Startups – An Overview Presentation

What NC Must Do To Attract More Venture Capital

The Difference Between Management and Leadership

Are You An Entrepreneur?

The VCMF Needs Tweaks to Work

The Sweat Equity Hat

Sales vs. Business Development

Why Startups Should Recruit Superstars

Why Texting is Bad for Productivity

Why Startup Founders Are Often No Longer the CEO When the Company IPO’s

Do Investors Want to Control My Startup?

Lies, Damn Lies and Marketing Metrics

CFC Pledge To Our Entrepreneurs

Gardner Advisory

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Five Indicators Of A Great Startup Advisor

Choosing An Advisor

Entrepreneurs and Free Time

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Thankful For Every “No”

Seven Tips For Starting Your Craft Brewery

David Gardner: If you are an entrepreneur then you are a sales person


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Order “The Startup Hats” on Amazon