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WHAT I DO: I serve owners of privately owned companies. As a partner in the country’s largest CFO services firm, I offer CFO services to companies that don’t have, can’t afford or don’t need a full-time CFO and Exit Planning Transition services when the owner decides to exit the business.

HOW I DO IT: Using 30+ years’ experience in finance, operations and team building, unique tools & processes and the ability to draw on 230+ additional partners, I help owners focus on the core reason(s) the business was started allowing the owners to concentrate on increasing the value of the business. I focus on cash flow, forecasting, cost containment, establishing & tracking relevant KPI’s and getting key information that you need real-time from your I/T systems to make good decisions and support the business. I can also help you create a working strategic model tied to your longer term goals, and then budget based on that to enable you to hit profitability targets.

OUR APPROACH: Starting with a complimentary Discovery Analysis (which includes strategies, suggestions & benchmarking against industry peers), I focus on addressing and helping to correct the owner’s concerns and remove barriers to owner’s goals. Working with the company’s staff and other professional partners, I serve as the owner’s “quarterback” to execute turnkey solutions and identify other resources and professionals where needed.

WHY IT MATTERS: Many small to midsize business owners have much of their wealth in their business. The better financial shape the business is in means the owner/the owners family are more secure. The better condition the business is in helps in many areas from securing financing to helping retain & recruit employees to increasing the value of the firm to providing peace of the mind for the owner. The higher the value, the more the owner can potentially make from the sale when you want to exit the business.

WHO I WANT TO REACH: Privately held businesses with sales between $2 & $75 million (with focus on $2m-$15m); also companies considering future Exit Transitions up to $250 million in sales focusing on, but not restricted to, the Raleigh, NC area.

NEXT STEP: Let’s connect on LinkedIn, email me at DaveFouts@b2bcfo.com or call me at 919-215-5327, so we may plan a convenient time to meet face-to-face, perhaps over coffee. Also, please feel free to visit my website at www.davefoutscfo.com or our website at www.b2bcfo.com for more information.


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